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    This is a hobby I enjoy, so please don’t feel like you’re putting me out. I love to help people select, and purchase cars.

    For most people, a car is the second largest purchase they make in their lives after their home. They often select cars not by what is best for themselves, but rather what they’re steered towards by their local dealer.

    Dealerships use a team of professionals to extract the maximum profit on every sale, so it’s no surprise most people end up overpaying.

    Having been a car salesman, and having studied cars and the car buying process intensively, I can help even the playing field and save you from over-paying, or even worse, driving home the wrong car for you.

    To begin the process, it would help me if you could provide as much of the following information in as much detail as possible:

    What is your current car?
    What do you like about your current car?
    What do you dislike about your current car?
    Will you be trading your current car in?
    Tell me what you can about your budget for the new/used vehicle.
    Have you considered leasing?
    Are there any cars you’re interested in? Why?
    What are you looking for in your new/used car? Reliability? Capacity? Capability?
    When do you need the new/used car?
    What else can you tell me about what you’re looking for? Brands you avoid? New/Used?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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