My Minivan

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways.

  1. Not having to pay for damage caused by children slamming/fumbling their door into the car parked next to us.
  2. Prevents children from opening their doors until shifted to park.
  3. Allows me to close their door from the driver’s seat after the kid has run off and forgotten..again. ¬†Watching Moms in the school drop-off lane hold the line up to get out, walk around to the other side, and angrily slam the door makes me smile.
  4. Carries more stuff more efficiently than an SUV.
  5. I don’t look like I am so obsessed with what people think of my masculinity that I need to follow the herd, even when the herd is running in the wrong direction.

My minivan is bigger than I really need it to be, but until the kids are grown, or someone makes a car with power-sliding doors, I plan to stick with my minivan.

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